Our Services

Special quality of services, personal attention, being resourceful and accurate, meeting deadlines set by our clients, servicing on time and ensuring a proactive approach to clients are at the heart of our business.

Local Law and Regulatory Consultant

Understanding local requirements, we provide advice, research and in-depth study on various local laws and governmental rules and regulations, as well as implementation practice, to meet client's specific legal needs.

Incorporation Services

We advise on effective structures, providing assistance in all the legal requirements for acquisitions and incorporation of all types of companies including the legal presences of overseas enterprises. This includes applications for business permits, commercial licenses and incentives, as well as relevant registrations to meet corporate needs and compliance requirements.

Corporate Secretarial Services

We provide efficient administration for companies to ensure compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements. Our seasoned professionals can assist in meeting attendance, minutes taking and annual filing. We are responsible for providing corporate maintenance including safe custody of corporate records and updating corporate data.

We also offer assistance in dividends distribution and changes to corporate registration, such as change of company regulations, memorandum, corporate name, business objects, place, directors or shareholders.

Accounting Services

We assist our clients to manage their corporate books records and keep track of all transactions allowing the clients to focus more on their business. Our accounting teams partner with our clients providing proactive services ensuring best practices and mandatory submissions on compliance with the local rules and regulations.

Tax regulations are complex, and the penalties can be severe. Our accurate reporting and a comprehensive knowledge of tax gives comfort to the clients that taxes are paid on time and penalties are not an issue.

We also provide tax compliance services across a range of markets and sectors with a consistently high quality.

Payroll Processing Services

Payroll processing is increasingly seen as a non - core function within our clients business. Our Profession can advise, understand strict timelines and keep up with the latest developments. We use software which represents good breed local software that can be easily integrated into the main ERP systems.

Employment Practice

Our legal professionals offer advice on employment laws and employment related issues including progressive discipline, terminations of employment, redundancy, dismissal and various employee-related actions upon the needs of our clients as well as drafting and reviewing employment contracts and work regulations or office manual. We also assist our clients in applications for extension of temporary stay and obtaining work permits for their foreign executives and employees.

Dissolution and Liquidation Services

We deliver professional dissolution and liquidation services in a timely manner. To ensure the proper procedures are executed when winding up a corporate, our experienced legal and accounting team will provide step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

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